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Saliva Products

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation saliva collection tools
for collecting exosomes, RNA, DNA, cfDNA, hormones, drugs, pathogens,
and more. Standardized pain-free collection at a fraction of the price. 

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Stress Marq Biosciences

With over 7,000 products, our growth can be attributed to the continual production of cutting edge research products. Our diverse portfolio of primary antibodies, antibody conjugates, proteins, immunoassay kits and small molecules bridges across the life sciences, including products for cancer research, cardiovascular disease, cell signaling and neuroscience.

PCR-25 Smartfinder 24 infectious parameters in one sample

PathoFinder offers a new generation of comprehensive molecular diagnostics for syndromic infectious disease panels. Our state-of-the-art multiplex PCR technologies enable a rapid detection and identification of multiple human pathogens in clinical specimens.

PathoFinder products are based on our proprietary SmartFinder® and MultiFinder® multiplex PCR-technologies or on Real Time PCR. With PathoFinder's multiplex PCR products, up to 22 pathogens can be readily identified in a single, easy to perform multiplex PCR assay. Our RealAccurate® products include mono- duplex and quadruplex Real Time PCR assays.

DropArray Easily Integrates into Your Lab

DropArray Microplates can be used in the same way you would use a standard microplate — just with fewer cells, minimal beads, and less sample. They are:

Validated for use with
– Adherent, semi-adherent and suspension cells
– Magnetic and polystyrene beads
Designed to use as little as
– 250–500 cells in 2–4 µl assay drops (DA-Cell 384 plate)
– 750–1500 cells in 5–20 µl assay drops (DA-Cell 96 plate)
– 5 µl of beads with 5 µl of sample for immunoassays (DA-Bead 96 plate)
Shown to have superior sensitivity (over conventional microtiter plates) when performing multiplex Luminex assays
Compatible with standard liquid handlers and non-contact dispensers such as the ThermoScientific® MultiDrop® and LabCyte® Echo™
Conforming to the SBS/ANSI standard footprint for automation compatibility
Excellent for optical imaging due to their planar surface and no-liquid meniscus
Well suited for long-term (>3 week) studies due to excellent gas exchange with minimal evaporation from the anti-evaporation like.

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IMMUNOSTEP - En ny leverandør for Flowcytometri

Immunostep er en ledende leverandør av produkter og tjenester for biovitenskapelig forskning och biofarmaceutisk tillaging.
Immunostep kan tilby en rekke analyser, kit og løsning for flowcytometri, produktene inngår i Euroflows liste.
Immunostep er en spin-off fra Prof. Orfaos lab i Salamanca, Spania.

AKLIDES® CytoBead®

The automated way of CytoBead®
The AKLIDES® CytoBead® ANCA, ANA, ANA 2, CeliAK and RPGN test kits are used for the diagnosis of systemic and organ specific autoimmune disease, via indirect immunofluorescence.
The AKLIDES® CytoBead® ANCA, ANA, ANA 2, CeliAK and RPGN test kits consist of reagents to determine IgG autoantibodies against neutrophil cytoplasmic antigens (CytoBead® ANCA and CytoBead® RPGN), nuclear and cytoplasmic antigens (CytoBead® ANA and CytoBead® ANA 2) and IgA or IgG antibodies against endomysium, transglutaminase 2 and deamidated gliadin (CytoBead® CeliAK).
- The never before seen CytoBead® assays combine sensitive screening using native substrates (tissue sections or cells) as well as specific diagnostic confirmation using solid phase assays (microparticles), in one reaction environment
- Using the familiar method of indirect immunofluorescence, the processing of AKLIDES® CytoBead® assays is made fast and reliable
- The use of standard glass slides guarantees simple handling
- The evaluation of CytoBead® assays can be done eithervmanually or automatically, using the AKLIDES® system
- With automatic evaluation using the AKLIDES® system, quantitative results comparable to ELISA are produced.

AKLIDES® Cell Damage

Biomarkers for the determination of DNA double strand breaks, the so-called DNA repair foci, can be standardized and automatically measured and evaluated using the AKLIDES® cell damage system. The quantitative determination of DNA repair foci via immunofluorescence is a very sensitive method, which is able to evaluate both single cells and single foci. Compared to manual analysis, such as visual counting of DNA repair foci in a dark room, the AKLIDES® cell damage system offers the following advantages:

- Standardized and objective evaluation of DNA repair foci- Faster analysis compared to visual counting

- Automatic determination of DNA repair foci using various fluorescent dyes

- Detailed results through the measurement of various parameters, including average number of foci per cell, percentage of cells with foci, mean intensity of foci, average diameter of foci and cells

- Archiving of results and images.

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